Steins;Gate is a Japanese Visual Novel game released in October 2009 for PC and Sony Handhelds as well as consoles. The Game was so successful that it got a Manga as well as an excellent anime adaptation which is considered to be one of the best Time Travel stories in Any medium. The Anime came out in 2010 and later in 2014 they announced another sequel to the amazing visual novel game but announced the Anime a long with it. In 2015 the game came out and a Special Episode also came out which was supposed to be a prequel to the upcoming anime Steins;Gate 0 and since then there was no statement at all about the anime, but now finally they did tell us that it exists and they are working on it.

This Twitter post was originally in Japanese but through Google Translate we got the basic idea of what the post was about:

【New information ②】
"Steins Gate Zero"
An animation planning in progress!
Tiza visual first public release today! !

The official YouTube Channel of Kodokawa  posted the trailer for this upcoming anime 

The hype is real and thank god we finally got some information regarding this anime. The release date isn’t confirmed but it’s probably going to be out in 2018 or if we are really LUCKY we might see it in late 2017.

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