Nyko is a third party company which makes gaming peripherals for different platform. Before the release on the Switch a lot of people predicted that it would have a tons of interesting accessories and Nyko is just proving them right.

Mini Switch dock: The official dock for the Switch by Nintendo costs $90 which is just too much, This dock costs only $45 and is very very tiny, It includes a USB-C power adapter as well as the HDMI cable right in the box and serves the overall purpose of a Switch dock. The main issue is that it doesn’t have a USB port, so you won’t be able to charge your other peripherals like the Pro controller.


Joycon Charging Station: Nyko has created controller charging docks for Playstation 4 & Xbox One and they are really good. Now they are out with the Joycon charging station called ‘Charge Block Nintendo Switch’. This one can charge upto 4 Joycons at a time, this isn’t a must have accessories since Joycons last for about 20 hours which means they aren’t running out of battery anytime soon cause Switch itself lasts 4-5 hours at the best and they charge when the systems is docked while Joycons attached to them but if you got another pair of Joycons they’re Nice to have.

Nyko 32

Core Controller: Core controller is a wired edition of the Pro controller which costs $30. The official Pro controller for the Switch costs $70 which is not very cheap. The controller is wired which might be both a good and a bad thing depending on you. It’ll give you better accuracy and less latency, No charging would be required but at the same time it’ll be wired (Good in our books). The Controller doesn’t have any kind of motion controls & No amibo support, Motion controls aren’t a big deal but Amibo support might be a little disappointing for some people, Considering the price its a great deal.


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