Emulation has been a controversial topic in terms of whether  it’s illegal or not, previously it wasn’t really illegal because the Retro games weren’t supported but now the Story is changing with things like NES Classic Mini, Virtual consoles

NES CL       Vurtual

& the newly released Sega Forever app.

Sega Fe

So according to Sega & Nintendo emulation is illegal. Nintendo has banned a bunch of sites providing roms like Coolrom.com. The main 2 systems with great classic are now supporting their older games and are against emulation. Specially Sega with their new app since they are supporting up-to Sega Dreamcast. People who emulated games always had an excuse ‘They don’t support it anymore’ but now they are so, they should look for another excuse.

This is a good thing that they are doing something but Atari is still left for now. Instead of being blackmailed by the modding community they are stepping up and starting to support there Classic games officially

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