Emulation is a really cool way to enjoy you favorite retro consoles and today we are covering 5 best of them. This article isn’t sponsored and there is no Raspberry Pi kind of thing in here, that’s for another time.

Before starting with the video we have an honorable mention which is your smartphone yes touch controls are very annoying but getting a controller designed for a Smartphone  would be a decent option.

5- PSP

PSP is a great handheld for emulation. You can hack it get a ton of emulators on it, from Atari 2600/NES to PS1/N64, Covers everything in between like SNES, Sega Genesis, Gameboys (All). Not just all the consoles up till 5th Generation but retro computers too like MS Dos, Commodore 64 and a lot more.  This is one of the least complicated devices here. PSPs are pretty cheap these days too, you can pick a used one for $40-$50 (3000) model which is the best one. For emulation PSP GO is a great option too and it comes with 16GB internel storage which none other PSP does. For ultimate handheld emulation PSP is one of you best choices


4- Nintendo Wii: 

After hacking your Nintendo Wii it becomes an absolute beast, you can play anything from NES to Gamecube. Just keep in mind that this does not work with Wii Mini consoles. Only the original Wii & Wii family edition are compatible. For making your Wii a total beast get a 500GB, 1TB or a 2TB external Hard drive which works flawlessly with your Wii. If you want 1080p HD than you can get a Wii2HDMI adapter on amazon for $5-$10 and get full HD. These consoles are really cheap too, Costing only $50-$60 with all cables & controllers and even a couple of Wii games


Wii Hack

3- JXD Gaming Tablet: 

JXD’s are amazing cheap Android Tablets with actual physical buttons and dual analog sticks. These are a lot similar to the PS Vita in terms of design and they cost about a $100-$150. They are able to emulate NES/ Atari 2600 to PSP & DS even the Dream Cast. This is a powerful tablet and a similar Tablet from a Brand like Samsung would cost you a lot more. They even have an HDMI port for your TV and Bluetooth to connect a controller HDMI supported up to 1080p. A Micro SD card slot to expand the built-in storage which is 8GB to 16GB.


2- Ouya: 


Yes, Ouya was a failure but was an amazing idea which is now being copied by Nvidia with their Nvidia TV consoles. They aren’t failures because there is a big brand name. Nvidia. Ouya is an android box and it’s great, you can install anything from NES/Atari 2600 to PSP & DS maybe the Dreamcast as well as all the fun android games. Being a great emulation machine it’s a great Streaming box as well because i’s android so Netflix, Youtube, Hulu etc It does all at 1080p.

1- PC 

PC is great choice & by PC we don’t mean a $1000 PC, PCs for $150-$200 are a solid choice. You can get a pre-built used one for the same price and it’s gonna be an emulation beast. Everything is compatible from Atari 2600/NES to PS2 & Gamecube you can even emulate a WII U depending on the power but NES to PS2 is already amazing! You’ll get customization like if a new more demanding emulator is here and you want to upgrade you always can. Wide verity of emulators even stuff like Windows XP or Windows 98 along with Commodore 64 Can be emulated

PC Cheap

The Best one on this list is definitely the Nintendo Wii, the cheapest and the best in every way.

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